Storage Solutions Make Me Feel Good In My Pants

Mmmmmmmmm, storage solutions. I am planning an ikea expedition sometime this week, after getting sudden untameable ikea urges. I need better things to put stuff in on my desk; as is, debris gradually builds up on it until I don't have space to do anything. A second desk might be nice, I could have a craft desk and a school desk. A craft room would be nice too, while I'm dreaming.

Being a student sucks. When I have a job that actually pays me money, I'm gonna rent TWO rooms and use one for crafts/books AND IT'S GONNA BE SICK.

Anyway, this started because I spend a while today reorganising my unmounted stamps, they are now in trading card binder sheets in my old ATC binder. Check this shit out:


I would feel accomplished, except I only did this to avoid working on my essay which was due last thursday. Ditto this blog post.

Recently I decided I wanted to have an art journal, so I ...have one...now...

Here's a page from it:

Page from art journal
Printed image I got from a swap, buttons I cut off a shirt then spray-painted.

In retrospect, I should probably have chosen a book that wasn't lined. But whatevs, I'll make do. I have my sketchbook for flat stuff anyway? Which is unlined. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to differentiate my sketchbook and art journal. So far, art journal is random crap I like that I've done random crap with, and sketchbook is sketches. So far, so good.


  1. Hi there :)

    Greetings from Singapore! Wow, you sure are creative! Love how you decided to add texture and dimension to your art journal by adding buttons and accessories to an art work. Who says it's random crap? Perhaps, it's just a random thought that you express via words. Just like how I like to express my thoughts and views through blogging. :) Happy blogging babe! :)

    "thewhimsicalworld" on Swap-Bot

  2. That is a pretty awesome idea for storing stamps and probably other things too.

    I'm also WingedStrategos on swapbot.

  3. Great way to store your stamps! mine are currently in a drawer. eventually they will crawl all over my desk and floor. Your art journal is super cool too! The painted buttons are fun. I love red.

  4. I love your idea for storing stamps! I have a few unmounted ones and I may steal your idea for my own use :) Really love the art journal, too!

  5. Storage, tell me about it! That's a great idea.

    (missanne on SB)

  6. very creative!

    from Mimitabby on swapbot

  7. That's a neat idea! I must do that with my trading card folders, too!

    ~ANKH (pumpkinniki on SB)

  8. I love storage too - I also have a ikea trip planned (although I get to kit out several rooms worth of stuff - yay for me!)

    I found your blog via the swapbot blog swap - I'm looking forward to following your blog.

    Carrie (kiwifruit83 on swapbot)