I know I've remarked on this before, but my style really has changed a lot in a few months. Consider the following: (remember Bill Nye?!)

Steampunk Garden ATC #1 Steampunk Garden ATC #2 Steampunk Garden #3

These are my three "Steampunk Garden" cards. The second and third were made as requests for cards similar to the first one, 2 weeks and 4 months after the first one. They're all basically made the same way, with rubber stamps, flower punches and beads, but I feel like the mood is really different in all of them. Pretty sure I'm getting better at layering colours effectively? Feedback is always welcome.

Man, I really want to get some more ink. I have eight ink pads (5 dye, 3 pigment) and they just never seem to be enough for all the stuff I want to do. Ink and stamps are so *expensive* though, even unmounted. I've found some AWESOME stamp sites which have the bestest stamps, and unmounted too, but getting lots is expensive and I never have any money.


This ink, by the way, is pretty great. I must find somewhere online to purchase it cheaply.

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