My website.

It is terrible.

The difficulty (well, the main one) is that I don't know how to make websites. I don't particularly want to learn either, I either want to just have it done or magically know how to do it. Artistic things I enjoy learning, computer-y things not so much. I don't mind it when it's a program I can click around in and figure everything out, but making a nice website requires a little more focus and effort than that. Plus I don't know what I want it to look like.

I have a slightly dodgey banner I made for my etsy store.

...which is basically all the work I've put into my website, aside from the slightly eyewatering text that's currently up. But I wrote all THAT html myself! (Mostly.)

I think the nicest site I've seen recently is loish.net, which is a site for an artist who draws wonderful things! My favourite is this one:

(Although this one comes a close second.)

But her website is nice too, pretty without being confusing or cluttered. So possibly I will try and make something similar (without copying of course, that just isn't classy. Plus it's kind of suspicious if you're promoting yourself as an artist/artisan and you have to copy your website design from someone else...).

On an entirely different note, I am on an extremely unsatisfying family vacation. I have not had anything resembling privacy for a week and it's starting to get to me. I'll be fine once I get home and have spent a couple hours in my room with the door shut, but right now I am a bundle of stress. I have a renewed appreciation for being allowed to turn the lights on when I need to pee in the middle of the night, and for not living in a house with dogs or cats.

Only two more days.


Why dreadlocks and physics are incompatible


I'm not saying that my dreads don't obey physics (that would be pretty sweet...or possibly horribly painful...hm.) just that I'm trying to study for my physics final, and here is why right at this instant dreads are pretty much the worst idea:
  1. My head was itchy, so this morning I washed it.
  2. But when I wash my dreads they stay wet for about 12 hours or more.
  4. ...which is making my head a bit itchy.
  5. So I scritch scritch my head, but then:
  6. I find a lump or loose hair or something else wrong with a dread!
  7. So I pull at the lump until it turns into sticking out hair.
  8. Then I spend 5 minutes threading the loose hair back in (so it doesn't leave a lump).
  9. Then I spend half an hour obsessively going over my head trying to find MORE things wrong with my dreads that NEED to be fixed.
  10. Then I tell myself to STOP THAT and tie my hair back.
  11. Then I remember my hair's still wet, and won't dry unless I let it loose again.
  12. So I let it loose again.
  13. BUT! As I'm letting it loose I find a lump or loose hair or something else wrong.
  14. Then I repeat steps 7 - 13 until I realize it's been three hours since I looked at physics.
  15. Then I start swearing at myself.
  16. Then I go find someone to hug.
  17. Then I look at physics for five minutes until I get distracted and write this blog post.
  18. Then I'm totally productive until 4am when I pass out from being up for 24 hours. RIGHT!??! RIGHT?!?! THAT'S CLEARLY WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN.
Ah fuck.


Official Post

Blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. For no particular reason, I've spent over twelve hours in bed today, most of them asleep. Sometimes these things just happen, but I have to say that waking up when it's dark out is super unmotivating. Going to sleep as the sun rises is always a pleasure though.

It's officially spring now: the first house centipede of the year has been spotted. Ants are also starting to invade; I don't mind ants so much though, they're smaller and eat dead flies. And they don't scurry so terrifyingly quickly.

I made some mushrooms:

Two of them can be used as tops! (The spinning kind)

I also cleaned and reorganized my ENTIRE room. If you've ever seen my room you know how impressive this is - I have a lot of stuff. So now I can actually see my floor - it turns out I have floor space! What a radical concept. It took a couple days, but now I am really pleased with myself.

My lovely friends found me a slashed canvas in a dumpster, and obviously this was the best use for it:


(I might end up fixing it up a bit at some point, but right now I'm too lazy.)

I'm working on a couple hat patterns. I have a crochet one written down in my notebook but I'm not really sure what the best way to write it out is - I think I need to chart it, but I can't find crochet chart software, and I think it might be a little illegible if I wrote it out by hand. But it's an awesome hat, so I'll have to do it eventually.

Finally, here's a couple tags I put up about a year ago. Sorry for the crappy pictures, they're from my phone.

Swing tag Tree spots