Etsy Updated!

I've updated my etsy with some new jewelry, as well as some little monsters.


Crochet Bookmarks Swap

I've made a swap on Swap-bot for crochet bookmarks! Inspired by the pattern here and by crocheting a bookmark for another swap. More info and sign up at the swap page.


Craft Fai(r|l)

I went to a craft fair with a friend, but due to poor attendance and the fact that almost everyone who DID show up only wanted to buy x-mas oven mitts, sales were not good. However we both broke even! I even made $2! But since the table was $10 and we split the cost that is not saying too much...

I did, however, make 2 things at the fair, a hat:

purple lace child's hat

and a tag:

knob cosy

While walking back to the bus station afterwards, we stopped in at a store called Rare Funk, which sells things on consignment from local artists. Long story short, you can now buy my hats at Rare Funk in Kitchener, ON!

And that includes these two new ones:

autumn hat

actually this one is a little older, I just lost it in my room for a while...if you saw my room you'd understand

Selling things in an ACTUAL STORE (very exciting) means I had to make price tags/business cards. Since I'm a little terrible at photoshop/GIMP I decided to handmake them...this included cutting the card, writing the words and drawing the picture. (and colouring the picture with crayons!) It doesn't sound too bad except I made a lot of them.

front of cards

There is a definite value to handmade things, but when there's lots and they're all pretty much the same...sometimes commercial solutions are perhaps more appropriate. (Though commercial solutions don't let you colour things with crayons)

In the spirit of making things from paper (including an ATC for a swap. I think I hate ATCs a little, but this was the first one I've done so now at least I know better) I made a postcard.


It's not a ...bad? postcard? But I think I'm not cut out for scrapbooking or similar things. I suppose it's just as well, the fewer craft supplies I'm addicted to buying, the better.

A little bit of gloating to end this now:





Yarnboming the Second


Just two, a rainbow post cosy and a little bit of lace for a tree branch. Both crocheted.



Yarn Bomb'd Garbage Can

Yarn Bombing!
Originally uploaded by Naleag Deco

Yarn bomb'd this last week! First time yarn bombing, it was very exciting.

I also gave the statue of Al Waxman (in Bellevue Square Park, Toronto) a hat yesterday. It wasn't a great hat since I made it in about half an hour and ran out of yarn halfway through, but I think it suits the statue rather well. Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture since it was dark and I only had my cellphone camera.


Yarn bombing preparation


Making a bunch of motifs, swatches and flowers in preparation for a yarn bombing expedition! I'm planning to use these pink spirals on a bike stand.

First Post!

Since I'm being a bit of a shut-in, I've had lots of time for crafts recently. Here's a couple!

Spiral Hat
Spiral hat
I used a spiral motif adapted from a pattern in Amazing Crochet Lace, by Doris Chan. (More pictures here)

I've been messing around with polymer clay, but since it's rather expensive I'm reluctant to use large amounts without knowing what I'm doing. These monsters hardly use any clay, so it doesn't matter if some of them turn out badly, plus they are super cute. My biggest problem at the moment is getting them into a nice shape without getting fingerprints all over them. I may try a different kind of clay, since I've heard Sculpey, which I'm currently using, is one of the softer brands.
But for now, monsters! (More pictures here)