Knitter's Fair 2012

I went to bed early tonight, since I have early classes all this term. Then I started reading Patricia C. Wrede's latest book and then I finished it and it was really good and exciting so now I am awake!  Oops.  Here is a picture:

Knitter's Fair haul 2012

It's what I got at the Knitter's Fair this year!

I was trying hard not to overspend (and I only overspent a liiiiiittle, so yay for that?), so I decided I wasn't allowed to get any commercial yarn.  Success!  None of this is stuff I can buy online (well, from major yarn sites, at least), and half of it is silk - I'm not sure why, but there was a bunch of nice cheap silk this year.  I also managed to not buy all blues - check out that wicked awesome roving on the left: it's 100% nylon but it's soo soft and has amazingly eye-bleed-y colours (from Studioloo, which was my favourite stall last year too, they have such weird awesome bright things).  Yeah!

Also, Amanda Palmer's Theatre Is Evil just came out today (AAAAAAAAAAAH!), so I obviously have to listen to it again before I try sleeping again.  Oh man oh man, it's really really excellent so you should go buy it if you haven't already.  I keep thinking a track is particularly good, but (spoiler alert) it turns out they all are.  Like gosh.