Eeek! I am so excited! I got into fine arts classes for this term! Oh man. I want to do a fine arts minor, you see, and I sort of was a giant hobo and didn't do anything about it till the start of term, when I found out the first classes are only offered in the fall. It was a ton of stress, and I had to go back and forth between places until I'd been everywhere twice, but I MADE IT IN! I had my first studio class yesterday, and an art history class today. Oh man, I am super excited! Imagine, homework where you get to DRAW. Just imagine!

That's all for today, I have 2 weeks of work in two courses to catch up on :P


Yarrrrn Bombing!

As you may (or may not, that's cool too) have noticed, I have not yarn bombed anything in *quite* a while. That has now been remedied! I was feeling all restless last night, so went out and put up a bunch of tags! And here they are:

Tiny bridge tag

A little green knitted tag on the bridge into the park. Tags in the park get taken down pretty much immediately, so this is a test to see if the bridge counts as the park. I really like how this picture turned out!

Biohazard tag!

Bio-hazard logo! I crocheted this aaaages ago, but for some reason had not put it up until now. The black yarn is acrylic (well, I assume acrylic, the label says "100% unknown fibres") and the green is wool, I'm interested to see if the wool felts at all. I loooooove biohazard logos, I want to make a sweater or something with one eventually.

Diamonds tagDiamonds tag

A green and grey crocheted tag. The stitch pattern is from The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs: 500 Classic & Original Patterns, though I added the colour changes. I really like how this one blends into the tree.


I have no good reason for calling this one "Bench Press," but I'm going to anyway. Knitted with some random yarn, possibly not by me. It's one of those random bits of abandoned knitting that just seem to spontaneously generate themselves.


Making bobbles with varicoloured yarn is really really satisfying. Crocheted with acrylic.

Pink lace

Knitted pink lace. This is more of the scary "100% unknown fibre" yarn, except this is even worse than the black stuff, which feels mostly ok. This stuff is a little like knitting with sandpaper. It's bright and stands out, which is nice, but I'm so glad it's almost all gone.

Lamp post

Green acrylic and novelty yarn! I was doing stripes, but then I got bored, so there's some lace at the top for no good reason. This one is visible from the Perimeter Institute! I sort of want to make something that says "<3 PHYSICS" and put it up near there.

Because I was soooort of near Michael's when I went out to take pictures today (it was dark when I put stuff up), I visited the dumpster briefly. I was wearing sandles with no socks, so I wasn't really planning on going it, but then I saw buttons! And there wasn't too much glass (and I didn't hurt myself until I got home again by walking into my bike!) so yes. I only checked out a couple bags, and look what I found:

Today's haul

I am super excited by a lot of this stuff, particularly the yarn (YARN), the shape cutter thingey (which works!), and the dowels (I'm going to make spindles!). The white things are envelopes, and the things with pictures of wine are fake wine labels to put on top of real wine labels, so you can pretend you're drinking blood, har har har. There were thirteen packages of them...I'm not sure what that implies. Also, buttons!


Too Many Beads

I have them :(

I have ALL THESE BEADS that I gathered when I was super into making kandi. I have since become distracted with other crafts (obviously), so these beads are mostly just taking up space. I do want to keep some, since occasionally the urge to make kandi arises (usually right before a rave), but I'm mostly just going to hang on to my pony beads and some animal ones. I can make awesome enough kandi with just those!

This has lead to:

100 beads for $5 on my etsy.

Also, it was my birthday yesterday, so now I am OLDER.



I cleaned ALL DAY TODAY. FUCK. And I went through my gazillion bead containers and reorganised most of them. So I am accomplished, I guess?

We went for a bike ride to a dumpster (which had a disappointing lack of interesting stuff in it). I tried to jump a curb, but it did not work, and I fell off and scraped my knee. It was more lulz than painful, so I am going to try again in a bit, because I'm *sure* I could do it at some point.

I really want good software for organising my swaps, particularly ATC ones. I keep agreeing to trades, then forgetting to mark them as traded, and ending up making the same things again (which is LAME). A spreadsheet isn't bad, but it could definitely be improved on...hm. Maybe this could be a PROJECT I could work on to figure out how to program again. I vaguely intend to take another computer science class at some point, so this would be useful beyond just swap organization.

Anyway, I have been very good about actually managing to do things recently, so yaay!

And, because blog posts are boring without pictures, here are four jellyfish ATCs I made for a jellyfish ATC swap. I really like how these turned out, I made an extra one to keep. They are secret hidden jellyfish, can you spot them?

Hidden Jellyfish #6 ATC Hidden Jellyfish #6 ATC (side view)

The background is washed inked background, the jellyfish are mod podge. In real life they are all the same-ish colour, but I had difficulty taking consistent pictures.

OH! Also! This guy is SO GOOD! I don't know what kind of music this is, but it's SO GOOD! We met him briefly at Harvest, because his music was SO GOOD! So yes, check it out, I ENDORSE it.


ATCs I guess?

I have been doing swaps ALL DAY. I am still NOT DONE. I think perhaps I need to cut back on the number of swaps I join, and ATCs I custom make for people. Ok, from now until I forget (or get bored), I am just going to make things, then find/make swaps for them afterwards.

Lots of ATCs:

Autumnal Bubbles #2/2 Into the Woods #3/3 ATC Wildflowers #1/3 ATC Wildflowers #2/3 ATC >

I've been making ATCs in threes a lot recently. It just seems more efficient, since a lot of the time I get requests for cards I've made already. So wooo.

The first of these is for a swap on swap-bot where you have to combine two different animals. The other two are post-apocalyptic cards made on request for a trade.

This is the Way the World Ends ATC


Knitted Things

In keeping with my GOAL, I have finished a hat I started aaaaaages ago. This counts for my hat this week. It's made with "Freedom Spirit" by Twilleys of Stamford (no link because I can only find distributors, no Twilleys website), which is a nice light DK single in 100% wool. "Essence" colourway; I love this yarn for its self-stripey-ness!

Cassie!  with hat.

Gosh, Cassie is super cute.

I'm also making some pink spiral armwarmers!

WIP - Spiral Armwarmer

I'm making the pattern up as I go, but I'm taking the time to write it down properly! So both armwarmers will *match* and I can make more, and/or try selling the pattern! Which would be nice...I'm actually reasonably pleased with how they're turning out so far. The yarn is a decent choice, it's chained soft acrylic, though it has a tendency to split apart, which is a little annoying.

Today in class I noticed that I have lost most of my ability to spell. Which usually isn't a problem, thanks to computorz, but ...yeah.

I dyed a bunch of yarn at craft night yesterday, here's a picture of how the top turned out:

Dyed top

It was the first time I've dyed top, so I think it maaaay have felted a little, but I'm pretty sure it's still spinnable? (Maybe part of the reason I can't spell anymore is that I make up words so much of the time!) There's two pieces here, I only did little bits in case I fucked up. I really like the colours of both, but the stuff on the right is my favourite. They still smell like vinegar because I didn't want to rinse them too much, but I figure I'll get that out after spinning, when I full it.

Finally, I made a spindle! For the first time! Out of a skewer, a plastic gear, and hot glue. It is very light and feels extremely breakable, so I'm not entirely comfortable with it yet.


Hopefully I won't sit on it.



Every time I go dumpster diving, I end up with more than I can carry. Even if I go with other people, we end up with more than we can carry. Here's what I got out of the Michael's dumpster (my favourite dumpster) today:

Dumpster Diving

I am excited about the spray paint and the rug hooking kit! The kit is missing the hook thingey, but by crazy random happenstance, I have one already! I really wanted one of these when I was younger, but I never told anyone so I never got one. I am also super excited to have a craft mat I can cut on! I've been using a cutting board with paper on it, but it's not quite the same. Not sure if all the bits are there for the circular cutting thingey, but I'll try it out anyway?

I also found five large candles ("classic linen" scented) and a bunch of really nice matching picture frames, but they were really difficult to carry (plus I'm allergic to candles), so I left them at a friend's house. Usually the frames in the dumpster have broken glass, but these were in perfect condition.

I sort of want to start a knitting/crochet/spinning/etc club at Waterloo, but I don't know if it's worth it or if enough people would be interested. I also want to offer to teach people to knit/crochet/spin for $$, I teach friends all the time for free, but money is nice since I have none.

I took some stuff to Rare Funk yesterday. I really need to start using it more, particularly since it's fall, and hats are easy and fun to make without patterns. I have a GOAL. My GOAL is to make at least a hat per week (if I wasn't doing school or other crafts I could probably manage three per week, but I want to start with a reasonable number).


What I did on my summer vacation

I just got back home after being away for about a month. Classes started today too, which was a little annoying; I'd have liked to have a bit of time to prepare, I had to use a shopping bag as a backpack today because my backpack was still full from camping. But at least there was only one class, and we didn't really do anything, so I'm not really sure what I'm complaining about.

I spun some yarn! I'm getting better at making it even-ish, which is nice, and I've also now made 3-ply:

From this top:

Predyed fiber

I made this yarn:

Spun fiber

(The colour is more accurate in the second picture.) I split the top into three before I started spinning, but they didn't all end up the same length, so I made the single underneath with the leftovers. I quite like the way both bits turned out. No plans yet for what the yarn will be used for...ideas?

Handspun Sari Ends

This yarn is made from recycled sari ends, which is my new favourite fibre! It's kind of tricky to spin since it isn't really prepared all that much, but you get a great texture from it, and I just love the colours! I ordered a bunch more sari ends off ebay, because I enjoyed making it so much!

I also finally got around to using my people stamps I got aaaaages ago. They're unmounted, so kind of annoying (I should really figure out mounting stamps), but I really like them!

Breaking Through ATC Fairy Dance ATCs

I also finally used the silver pigment ink pad I've had for a while! It doesn't seem to like to dry, particularly since these two cards are coated in mod podge, so the ink had a tendency to rub off a little. But I really like how they turned out, so like whatevs, right?

Buttonfall ATC The Silversmith ATC

In other news, Harvest was amazing! The property (which was huge) had all this really neat art, and they had made fantastic deco! It was spread out all over the place, so you could wander around and find random things in the middle of the woods. My favourite thing was the hammerhead sharks they made out of chicken wire and clingfilm. There were 3 stages, which all had really good music. I blew so many bubbles, decided I was part of a circus, wandering around, somehow ended up serving soup off a truck, and was eventually found by friends cuddling with people in the woods a couple hours later. It was wicked fun, but I burned out pretty fast, so I've decided that next year I will actually try to sleep more and eat regular meals instead of just when I remember. Everyone there was really friendly, there was a real sense of community. Oh, and I want to learn to hula hoop properly, because there were people with light up hula hoops and it was SO AWESOME! I can hoop around my waist, knees, and arms, and I can toss it from arm to arm, but that is it and I am UNSATISFIED.