ATCs I guess?

I have been doing swaps ALL DAY. I am still NOT DONE. I think perhaps I need to cut back on the number of swaps I join, and ATCs I custom make for people. Ok, from now until I forget (or get bored), I am just going to make things, then find/make swaps for them afterwards.

Lots of ATCs:

Autumnal Bubbles #2/2 Into the Woods #3/3 ATC Wildflowers #1/3 ATC Wildflowers #2/3 ATC >

I've been making ATCs in threes a lot recently. It just seems more efficient, since a lot of the time I get requests for cards I've made already. So wooo.

The first of these is for a swap on swap-bot where you have to combine two different animals. The other two are post-apocalyptic cards made on request for a trade.

This is the Way the World Ends ATC


  1. Beautiful ATC's. I really like the metal trees.

  2. These ATC's are beautiful. I really love the purple set and the one below it. Very inspiring.
    I love that you do not censer yourself and your blog. It is really refreshing :)


    P.S. Thank you for signing up for my SwapBot Swap 'Follow that Art Blog!'

  3. Yumm the colours are gorgeous