It just gets everywhere

It's the end of term: time to finish all the end-of-term assignments (plus a couple others that...never mind.  I have poor time-management skills when it comes to essays, apparently.)  A stressful time.  And whatnot.

Kids, this is what university is like: your eyes hurt when the sun comes up because you've been working on the computer all night, on a paper you put off for two weeks and now have to finish in one night.  It's 7am and you just realized you have no real thesis.
My floor, post essay

                               Here's my floor, post essay. ->
That nice, yellow-y glow?  
That's because the sun is coming up.

Or, you know, you manage your time better than I do.  That's probably the better option.

One of the ways I react to stress, it turns out, is to get out nice yarn and hold it.  Sometimes that will be enough, and other times I start thinking about the things I could make with it.  Sometimes I wind it into a ball, despite the fact that I already have six balls around (and under) my desk, waiting, patiently, to be used.  (Some of them are getting a bit dirty - but it's ok!  Those ones are crappy yarn.)  Some of these balls have half a gauge swatch attached, complete with needles.  Some of them even have multiple gauge swatches, with multiple sets of needles, all attached to the ball.  (Which makes some kind of sense, in my personal design process.)

Here is my desk, covered in yarn that accumulated without me thinking about it:

My desk, covered in yarn