Goodness gracious.

I did a craft fair on friday, and I was madly making hats in preparation for about three weeks. Quite glad to be done frantic knitting for a little. Though I need to work on x-mas presents now...

Anyway, the hats! I'm afraid the pictures are a little blurry, I wasn't able to take them in the day.

Striped tam
This one is my favourite! I really like how it turned out, I'm going to write down the pattern and publish it on ravelry. I've made another hat with this pattern, so I've got it pretty much figured out now.

Crochet striped hat
Crocheted hat, similar pattern to this one. The pattern turned out well, so I might write this one down as well.

Cabled cherry hat
This one makes me think of cherries!

First snow cabled hat
Got to love pom-poms. This yarn is weird, it's a white single plied with brown boucle, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

Dim hat
Quite soft. I like putting stems on the tops of hats.

Fuzzy floppy hat
This one is soo floppy and soft! It feels like dressing gown (but in a good way).

Striped toque
Tiny toque. It looks very small, but streeeetches a lot.

Some of these sold, but not all, so I'm taking the rest to Rare Funk tomorrow. (If you're interested in buying any of them just let me know, I can put them on etsy for you.)

I was very worried about not having enough stuff for the craft fair, but then I went through my room, and found PILES of things! I probably had the most stuff piled on my table out of everyone, it was odd. I dug out a bunch of older hats, scarves, mittens, yarn (dyed and spun), jewelery and clay monsters. I priced everything suuuuper cheap, so stuff sold! I made $134! And today I met someone who had like my stuff but didn't have time on friday, and she bought another $50 worth of stuff. So hurray, money! Now I can buy more yarn!

I mean...christmas presents....

I spun a little bit of thread-y yarn:

Handspun - Dust Storm
Spun from the thread-y bits from Lions Brand Homespun, after I took it apart.

Finally, here's a picture I drew for art class:


We had to pick two different objects and transform one into the other. I picked a spindle and a lizard because a lizard is not like a spindle.


ATCs for trading

It had been ages since I made ATCs, so I got a little distracted from doing school last night, and made a bunch. These are all available for trade!

EarthSky ATC Indeed. ATC Glare. ATC Sexual Dysfunction ATC



Spinning purple dragon

I started spinning with some of the fibre from my exciting box! I'm calling it "Purple Dragon" because I like to have names for things. This is the first time I've spun from a batt, it's very exciting but I'm still working out the best way to hold it. It's got bits of firestar fibre in it, which is fun (sparkles!) but they seem to keep not getting pulled into the yarn properly.

I decided to make this a slub yarn, and I started spinning without really paying attention, and it ended up being ridiculously even! Which is awesome (yaay I spin evenly reliably) but still kind of silly.


Oh my GAWD

It's happened. I went to Herrschners to pick up some Mirasol Hacho to finish my scarf. I had PROMISED myself that I was ONLY going to buy that yarn, and NOTHING ELSE. I was quite determined, I swear.

But the bus only came every half hour, so I had to wander around the store for a little while...
More new yarn...
It's not ...a LOT of yarn, right?

I swear I don't know what happened. I was just wandering around, and then when I went to the cash there was all this yarn in the basket! I blame the sale room in the back. And the sale on the yarn in the non-sale room. Oh dear...

This is neat though:
Mosaic yarn

It's like a cheap acrylic version of Noro! The colour aren't as nice, and it is acrylic, but Kureyon is always rather rough feeling anyway? It's nice to have cheaper alternatives, this was only $5/skein.

Also, new glow-in-the-dark needles!

I think my stash has grown significantly in the last month. In addition to spending FAR too much money on yarn today and yesterday, this magical box arrived in the mail:

Exciting box!

Wait till you see what's inside:
Opening exciting box!

I swear I got tingles when I opened it. 2lbs of fibre I got from a lovely person who was destashing on ravelry. Gosh, there are soooo many wonderful inside it! Happyhappyhappyhappy.




I am using things though! I made a hat with some of the yarn from Michaels last night, it knitted up super fast because it's sooo chunky. I like it! It's a cloche (and looks a little large here because Cassie has a tiny cute head!).

Purple cable hat

Also, some handspun:

Handspun: spotted frog

I spun and dyed it yellow in the summer, but I was unsatisfied, so I resist dyed it the other night, with elastics. I like how it looks spotty, so I call it "Spotted Frog." I plied it with itself...plying from either ends of a centre-pull ball works, believe it or not. (I was sceptical, I thought it would turn into a tangled mess, but no!)

So yes, a good day. Despite my COMPLETE AND UTTER unfaithfulness to my purported yarn diet. Oh well, I sort of knew it was lies.

But now I'm on a yarn diet FOR REALS THIS TIME, I swear.

Unless, you know...

Something comes up...


Awesome Haul

Oh man. So Cassie and I went to Michaels to spend all our money at the yarn sale.

New yarn!Cassie got yarn
You will be glad to know that we were successful.

My excuse was that I got most of it to make hats to sell. (I did get some Lion Brand Homespun in a lovely teal colour that I'd been eyeing for a while...it's awful to knit with, but the fibre is nice! I'm prolly going to end up taking it apart ftw.)

On the way home we stopped off at the dumpster, which was suuuuuuuper full of lovely things. Check this out:

Dumpster haulDumpster haul

Sooooooooo much stuff! We had to ...borrow.... a shopping cart to get it all home. I'm super excited about all those plastic shelves, finally a proper way to organise my fibre! Plus lots of random shinies! This is my absolute favourite:

Rubber duckie?

It's squishy and has a multicoloured flashing LED inside it! I almost bought one of these a couple months ago, so I was soooooo excited to find it!!! Dumpster diving ftw.


Craft Fair?

It's that time of year again - craft fairs. I haven't really been looking into them much this year, I don't have a whole lots of stuff to sell apart from what I've already taken to Rare Funk, but a friend told me about one the university is having, which is free!

We've applied to be in it, so (since yesterday) I've been making things to sell. Right now I've made bookmarks:

and mini bags:

The bags are pretty basic, so I've written the pattern down and will probably post it later. They're giving me a reason to use up some of my ribbon, which is nice because I have somehow accumulated so much of it and never have any reason to use it.

My scarf is finally making some progress! I frogged the whole thing twice since my last post, but I finally figured out what I wanted, so now I have two skeins worth knitted! I really like how it's turning out:

Scarf progress

It's got a really nice drape and I reeeally like running my hand through it. But (as I predicted) I've run out of yarn. BAH. So I'm breaking my yarn diet (which I am NOT very good at sticking to) on friday to go get some more. I hope they still have the same dyelot, but it will serve me right if they don't.

As if that wasn't enough, Michael's is having a 50% off sale on yarn this week! ARG!! I will probably break my yarn diet even more for this....but....so cheap!! Michael's yarn is all about the quality I like to use for hats I sell, because it's cheap enough that I can charge reasonable amounts for hats (and not break my heart every time I take something to the store).


Frustration and Halloween

Arg. My scarf is making NO PROGRESS. I knitted about eight inches in the pattern I posted previously, which had a really neat texture, and I really liked it, but I just don't have enough yarn to make that scarf a decent length...and I really can't let myself buy any more yarn right now.

So I frogged it and found another lace pattern. It's quite nice, lots of yo's (yos?) so hopefully the yarn will go a bit farther. I knitted a couple inches with THAT pattern, only to find out I needed to use bigger needles to get it to show the pattern properly. I got frustrated, threw it into the "current projects" bin, and started knitting a tag for bombing with.

Bleh, school has been making me frustrated lately. This week and last week (and the week before, actually) have had so many assignments and midterms that I haven't really had time to get crafty, except for things like knitting in class (which doesn't really count b/c I don't really focus on it).

I did make these little packets though, which I'd been meaning to do for AGES:
Lavender Packets

They're filled with dried lavender, and I'm putting them in with my yarn and fibre to keep it safe from horrible moths. There's a whole bunch of lavender bushes next to my building (mostly dead now) that I harvested flowers from last month. I haven't seen any moths yet, but I'm terrified of the possibility. It's such a senseless way to loose yarn! I just can't let it happen.

Also, it was halloween! I love halloween so much, costumes are so much fun. This year I went as Delirium (from Sandman).

My right eye has a fish drawn on it, and my hair has fish beads wired into it. I also blew up a bunch of balloons and drew fish on them, then scatted them around the apartment. It only seemed appropriate.

I really want to read Sandman again though.

The best costume though, was definitely this one:
Sheet of Acid

Do you get it? Do you get it? It's a sheet of acid! (The person who made it is actually not the person wearing it, but this was the only picture.)