Awesome Haul

Oh man. So Cassie and I went to Michaels to spend all our money at the yarn sale.

New yarn!Cassie got yarn
You will be glad to know that we were successful.

My excuse was that I got most of it to make hats to sell. (I did get some Lion Brand Homespun in a lovely teal colour that I'd been eyeing for a while...it's awful to knit with, but the fibre is nice! I'm prolly going to end up taking it apart ftw.)

On the way home we stopped off at the dumpster, which was suuuuuuuper full of lovely things. Check this out:

Dumpster haulDumpster haul

Sooooooooo much stuff! We had to ...borrow.... a shopping cart to get it all home. I'm super excited about all those plastic shelves, finally a proper way to organise my fibre! Plus lots of random shinies! This is my absolute favourite:

Rubber duckie?

It's squishy and has a multicoloured flashing LED inside it! I almost bought one of these a couple months ago, so I was soooooo excited to find it!!! Dumpster diving ftw.


  1. AH! Disco Duck! I bought one of these for my boyfriend as a stocking filler last year, he's the most infamous duck in all of his duck collection (I call him Ducky and therefore buy him ducks), be careful not to smash the bulb, it's fragile!

  2. Ooooh, good advice but a bit late, I accidentally hit him a bit too hard, but I managed to get the bits inside back together (ish), so he still works! This is just the weirdest duck I have ever seen.

  3. Color me jealous-those drawers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!