Craft Fair?

It's that time of year again - craft fairs. I haven't really been looking into them much this year, I don't have a whole lots of stuff to sell apart from what I've already taken to Rare Funk, but a friend told me about one the university is having, which is free!

We've applied to be in it, so (since yesterday) I've been making things to sell. Right now I've made bookmarks:

and mini bags:

The bags are pretty basic, so I've written the pattern down and will probably post it later. They're giving me a reason to use up some of my ribbon, which is nice because I have somehow accumulated so much of it and never have any reason to use it.

My scarf is finally making some progress! I frogged the whole thing twice since my last post, but I finally figured out what I wanted, so now I have two skeins worth knitted! I really like how it's turning out:

Scarf progress

It's got a really nice drape and I reeeally like running my hand through it. But (as I predicted) I've run out of yarn. BAH. So I'm breaking my yarn diet (which I am NOT very good at sticking to) on friday to go get some more. I hope they still have the same dyelot, but it will serve me right if they don't.

As if that wasn't enough, Michael's is having a 50% off sale on yarn this week! ARG!! I will probably break my yarn diet even more for this....but....so cheap!! Michael's yarn is all about the quality I like to use for hats I sell, because it's cheap enough that I can charge reasonable amounts for hats (and not break my heart every time I take something to the store).

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