Frustration and Halloween

Arg. My scarf is making NO PROGRESS. I knitted about eight inches in the pattern I posted previously, which had a really neat texture, and I really liked it, but I just don't have enough yarn to make that scarf a decent length...and I really can't let myself buy any more yarn right now.

So I frogged it and found another lace pattern. It's quite nice, lots of yo's (yos?) so hopefully the yarn will go a bit farther. I knitted a couple inches with THAT pattern, only to find out I needed to use bigger needles to get it to show the pattern properly. I got frustrated, threw it into the "current projects" bin, and started knitting a tag for bombing with.

Bleh, school has been making me frustrated lately. This week and last week (and the week before, actually) have had so many assignments and midterms that I haven't really had time to get crafty, except for things like knitting in class (which doesn't really count b/c I don't really focus on it).

I did make these little packets though, which I'd been meaning to do for AGES:
Lavender Packets

They're filled with dried lavender, and I'm putting them in with my yarn and fibre to keep it safe from horrible moths. There's a whole bunch of lavender bushes next to my building (mostly dead now) that I harvested flowers from last month. I haven't seen any moths yet, but I'm terrified of the possibility. It's such a senseless way to loose yarn! I just can't let it happen.

Also, it was halloween! I love halloween so much, costumes are so much fun. This year I went as Delirium (from Sandman).

My right eye has a fish drawn on it, and my hair has fish beads wired into it. I also blew up a bunch of balloons and drew fish on them, then scatted them around the apartment. It only seemed appropriate.

I really want to read Sandman again though.

The best costume though, was definitely this one:
Sheet of Acid

Do you get it? Do you get it? It's a sheet of acid! (The person who made it is actually not the person wearing it, but this was the only picture.)

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