Goodness gracious.

I did a craft fair on friday, and I was madly making hats in preparation for about three weeks. Quite glad to be done frantic knitting for a little. Though I need to work on x-mas presents now...

Anyway, the hats! I'm afraid the pictures are a little blurry, I wasn't able to take them in the day.

Striped tam
This one is my favourite! I really like how it turned out, I'm going to write down the pattern and publish it on ravelry. I've made another hat with this pattern, so I've got it pretty much figured out now.

Crochet striped hat
Crocheted hat, similar pattern to this one. The pattern turned out well, so I might write this one down as well.

Cabled cherry hat
This one makes me think of cherries!

First snow cabled hat
Got to love pom-poms. This yarn is weird, it's a white single plied with brown boucle, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

Dim hat
Quite soft. I like putting stems on the tops of hats.

Fuzzy floppy hat
This one is soo floppy and soft! It feels like dressing gown (but in a good way).

Striped toque
Tiny toque. It looks very small, but streeeetches a lot.

Some of these sold, but not all, so I'm taking the rest to Rare Funk tomorrow. (If you're interested in buying any of them just let me know, I can put them on etsy for you.)

I was very worried about not having enough stuff for the craft fair, but then I went through my room, and found PILES of things! I probably had the most stuff piled on my table out of everyone, it was odd. I dug out a bunch of older hats, scarves, mittens, yarn (dyed and spun), jewelery and clay monsters. I priced everything suuuuper cheap, so stuff sold! I made $134! And today I met someone who had like my stuff but didn't have time on friday, and she bought another $50 worth of stuff. So hurray, money! Now I can buy more yarn!

I mean...christmas presents....

I spun a little bit of thread-y yarn:

Handspun - Dust Storm
Spun from the thread-y bits from Lions Brand Homespun, after I took it apart.

Finally, here's a picture I drew for art class:


We had to pick two different objects and transform one into the other. I picked a spindle and a lizard because a lizard is not like a spindle.

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