Go the fuck to sleep

Here is my current wish: I wish I could program myself to sleep on time.  Ideally, I'd set sleep/wake times - I'd get warnings at 30min and 10 min before sleep time, and I'd get 20 minutes leeway in the morning (though of course this could be reset if needed).  Sleep is entirely difficult.  (I'd rather not have to eat than not have to sleep, but that's only because I have alllllll the food issues.)



I got some!  From the garbage!  So now I actually have a real place to put my knitted shirts!  So much win.


Everyone always tells me I'm wonderful, and it's turning me into a bitch.

I need some constructive criticism, yo!  

I think the main problem is that I don't have many close friends who are better than (or equivalent to) me at the things I care about.  Clearly I need to be more social and actually talk to people.  (I'd really rather just hang out in my room and make stuff.)

I can crit myself (though I'm not sure how constructive it is), but it's got less impact when it comes from my own brain - plus it's easier to forget.  Self: go socialize with interesting people and stop being a jerk!

On another note, I finished a couple nice knitted things (plus some embroidered stuff from last term!) that I need to take nice pictures of, but I keep sleeping till 2pm (notice how it's 3am right now?) and miss the good light.  I guess I could go outside, but it's COLD.  And I don't have a backyard.

Do any embroiders have a good recommendation for a stitch guide?  I want to get better at this!  I'm thinking something along the lines of this site, but in book form.

Also, related to books, The Principles of Knitting is being re-released.  Now, full disclosure, I don't actually know much (anything) about this book, but the title makes me really excited for it!  I hope I get a co-op job so I can buy it without having to wait until it comes out in paperback.  (If it ever does.  Damn you, Loop-d-Loop, and your delicious hardcover patterns!)


Too much stuff

I'm running out of space for my knitted things.  I also have too much yarn.  So, my goal is to clear out one box (milk crate) of yarn, so I can keep sweaters and things there instead.  This is going to be very difficult.  The yarn is reeeeally stuffed in there tight.  Plus, I reeeeally like buying yarn. 

Since it looks like I'll have to move again soon (I hate my landlady/co-op) cutting down on the yarn is probably a good plan.  I would really like to not have to move.  I've lived at my current place for two and a half years, and I've acquired a lot of stuff.  Ok, going to stop writing as this is making me stressed.  Going to go to other work now.  Sigh.


A Question for skilled draw-ers (drawers?)

Here is the skill I would like to develop:

Drawing: (left hand = picture one) (right hand = picture two)

How often should I switch for optimal skill development? I am willing to spend time practicing. 

My instinct says switch every time. y/n?

I've been (mirroring lines and circles, looking at the paper) and (drawing circles with both hands, not looking).

Do I find it more difficult to draw a line than a circle?  Which is preferable?  Should I draw lines first?  Perpendicular to each other?  Lines and circles?  Circles and lines?  (Circle Circle) (Line Line) ?

I am enjoying having this thought and excited to work on this skill.  I would appreciate input if you feel that you: (have a constructive response) or (don't understand and want explanation)