A Question for skilled draw-ers (drawers?)

Here is the skill I would like to develop:

Drawing: (left hand = picture one) (right hand = picture two)

How often should I switch for optimal skill development? I am willing to spend time practicing. 

My instinct says switch every time. y/n?

I've been (mirroring lines and circles, looking at the paper) and (drawing circles with both hands, not looking).

Do I find it more difficult to draw a line than a circle?  Which is preferable?  Should I draw lines first?  Perpendicular to each other?  Lines and circles?  Circles and lines?  (Circle Circle) (Line Line) ?

I am enjoying having this thought and excited to work on this skill.  I would appreciate input if you feel that you: (have a constructive response) or (don't understand and want explanation)

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