Everyone always tells me I'm wonderful, and it's turning me into a bitch.

I need some constructive criticism, yo!  

I think the main problem is that I don't have many close friends who are better than (or equivalent to) me at the things I care about.  Clearly I need to be more social and actually talk to people.  (I'd really rather just hang out in my room and make stuff.)

I can crit myself (though I'm not sure how constructive it is), but it's got less impact when it comes from my own brain - plus it's easier to forget.  Self: go socialize with interesting people and stop being a jerk!

On another note, I finished a couple nice knitted things (plus some embroidered stuff from last term!) that I need to take nice pictures of, but I keep sleeping till 2pm (notice how it's 3am right now?) and miss the good light.  I guess I could go outside, but it's COLD.  And I don't have a backyard.

Do any embroiders have a good recommendation for a stitch guide?  I want to get better at this!  I'm thinking something along the lines of this site, but in book form.

Also, related to books, The Principles of Knitting is being re-released.  Now, full disclosure, I don't actually know much (anything) about this book, but the title makes me really excited for it!  I hope I get a co-op job so I can buy it without having to wait until it comes out in paperback.  (If it ever does.  Damn you, Loop-d-Loop, and your delicious hardcover patterns!)

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