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In keeping with my GOAL, I have finished a hat I started aaaaaages ago. This counts for my hat this week. It's made with "Freedom Spirit" by Twilleys of Stamford (no link because I can only find distributors, no Twilleys website), which is a nice light DK single in 100% wool. "Essence" colourway; I love this yarn for its self-stripey-ness!

Cassie!  with hat.

Gosh, Cassie is super cute.

I'm also making some pink spiral armwarmers!

WIP - Spiral Armwarmer

I'm making the pattern up as I go, but I'm taking the time to write it down properly! So both armwarmers will *match* and I can make more, and/or try selling the pattern! Which would be nice...I'm actually reasonably pleased with how they're turning out so far. The yarn is a decent choice, it's chained soft acrylic, though it has a tendency to split apart, which is a little annoying.

Today in class I noticed that I have lost most of my ability to spell. Which usually isn't a problem, thanks to computorz, but ...yeah.

I dyed a bunch of yarn at craft night yesterday, here's a picture of how the top turned out:

Dyed top

It was the first time I've dyed top, so I think it maaaay have felted a little, but I'm pretty sure it's still spinnable? (Maybe part of the reason I can't spell anymore is that I make up words so much of the time!) There's two pieces here, I only did little bits in case I fucked up. I really like the colours of both, but the stuff on the right is my favourite. They still smell like vinegar because I didn't want to rinse them too much, but I figure I'll get that out after spinning, when I full it.

Finally, I made a spindle! For the first time! Out of a skewer, a plastic gear, and hot glue. It is very light and feels extremely breakable, so I'm not entirely comfortable with it yet.


Hopefully I won't sit on it.

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  1. I like the hot pink spirals. Can't wait to see the finished pattern.

    Beautiful color combination on the top. It's probably still spinnable even if it is slightly felted.

    I like the gear idea for the spindle.