Yarrrrn Bombing!

As you may (or may not, that's cool too) have noticed, I have not yarn bombed anything in *quite* a while. That has now been remedied! I was feeling all restless last night, so went out and put up a bunch of tags! And here they are:

Tiny bridge tag

A little green knitted tag on the bridge into the park. Tags in the park get taken down pretty much immediately, so this is a test to see if the bridge counts as the park. I really like how this picture turned out!

Biohazard tag!

Bio-hazard logo! I crocheted this aaaages ago, but for some reason had not put it up until now. The black yarn is acrylic (well, I assume acrylic, the label says "100% unknown fibres") and the green is wool, I'm interested to see if the wool felts at all. I loooooove biohazard logos, I want to make a sweater or something with one eventually.

Diamonds tagDiamonds tag

A green and grey crocheted tag. The stitch pattern is from The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs: 500 Classic & Original Patterns, though I added the colour changes. I really like how this one blends into the tree.


I have no good reason for calling this one "Bench Press," but I'm going to anyway. Knitted with some random yarn, possibly not by me. It's one of those random bits of abandoned knitting that just seem to spontaneously generate themselves.


Making bobbles with varicoloured yarn is really really satisfying. Crocheted with acrylic.

Pink lace

Knitted pink lace. This is more of the scary "100% unknown fibre" yarn, except this is even worse than the black stuff, which feels mostly ok. This stuff is a little like knitting with sandpaper. It's bright and stands out, which is nice, but I'm so glad it's almost all gone.

Lamp post

Green acrylic and novelty yarn! I was doing stripes, but then I got bored, so there's some lace at the top for no good reason. This one is visible from the Perimeter Institute! I sort of want to make something that says "<3 PHYSICS" and put it up near there.

Because I was soooort of near Michael's when I went out to take pictures today (it was dark when I put stuff up), I visited the dumpster briefly. I was wearing sandles with no socks, so I wasn't really planning on going it, but then I saw buttons! And there wasn't too much glass (and I didn't hurt myself until I got home again by walking into my bike!) so yes. I only checked out a couple bags, and look what I found:

Today's haul

I am super excited by a lot of this stuff, particularly the yarn (YARN), the shape cutter thingey (which works!), and the dowels (I'm going to make spindles!). The white things are envelopes, and the things with pictures of wine are fake wine labels to put on top of real wine labels, so you can pretend you're drinking blood, har har har. There were thirteen packages of them...I'm not sure what that implies. Also, buttons!


  1. Awesome yarn bombings. I'm quite partial to the biohazard myself.

  2. I am SOOO GLAD I got you for my partner in the Follow Me blog swap on the 'Bot, because you ROCK!!! I am SO impressed with your yarn bombings and am truly gonna make the hub dumpster dive for me...or maybe the teenage son, he does it at Game Stop already...anyway, you rock as I stated previously and I'll be GLADLY checkin' out your blog daily!


  3. I am really liking your bio hazard knit graff! enjoyed looking at your pics.

  4. Oh my god, these are gorgeous! I wish I saw these in my neighborhood. I love the pretty design of the green and grey one.

  5. Wow! What an amazing blog. It seems all your partners on the Follow That Art Blog swap, myself included (emilylovesutoo) are excited to have you as a partner! I always wanted to try yarn bombing since I heard about it but it is currently taking me FOREVER just to finish a granny blanket!!!
    I will have to put it on my never ending craft to-do list : )

  6. I think this is my favourite blog EVER! I just adore the idea of "yarn bombing", it's fantastic, why people don't appreciate it and take it down is just absurd!

    Your creations are amaaaazing, looking forward to seeing a lot more :)

    - This is lily_lestrange from Swap-Bot, for the Follow That Art Blog swap :)

  7. How long do you find your bombs last on average? Are certain area better then others? May just have to start checking more dumpsters, never thought about diving at Michael's.

  8. Aww, thanks you guys!

    @Ingrid: it really depends, places like the park take them down within a couple days, but some of them have been up for months now (and are in need of some repair).