I cleaned ALL DAY TODAY. FUCK. And I went through my gazillion bead containers and reorganised most of them. So I am accomplished, I guess?

We went for a bike ride to a dumpster (which had a disappointing lack of interesting stuff in it). I tried to jump a curb, but it did not work, and I fell off and scraped my knee. It was more lulz than painful, so I am going to try again in a bit, because I'm *sure* I could do it at some point.

I really want good software for organising my swaps, particularly ATC ones. I keep agreeing to trades, then forgetting to mark them as traded, and ending up making the same things again (which is LAME). A spreadsheet isn't bad, but it could definitely be improved on...hm. Maybe this could be a PROJECT I could work on to figure out how to program again. I vaguely intend to take another computer science class at some point, so this would be useful beyond just swap organization.

Anyway, I have been very good about actually managing to do things recently, so yaay!

And, because blog posts are boring without pictures, here are four jellyfish ATCs I made for a jellyfish ATC swap. I really like how these turned out, I made an extra one to keep. They are secret hidden jellyfish, can you spot them?

Hidden Jellyfish #6 ATC Hidden Jellyfish #6 ATC (side view)

The background is washed inked background, the jellyfish are mod podge. In real life they are all the same-ish colour, but I had difficulty taking consistent pictures.

OH! Also! This guy is SO GOOD! I don't know what kind of music this is, but it's SO GOOD! We met him briefly at Harvest, because his music was SO GOOD! So yes, check it out, I ENDORSE it.

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