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Blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. For no particular reason, I've spent over twelve hours in bed today, most of them asleep. Sometimes these things just happen, but I have to say that waking up when it's dark out is super unmotivating. Going to sleep as the sun rises is always a pleasure though.

It's officially spring now: the first house centipede of the year has been spotted. Ants are also starting to invade; I don't mind ants so much though, they're smaller and eat dead flies. And they don't scurry so terrifyingly quickly.

I made some mushrooms:

Two of them can be used as tops! (The spinning kind)

I also cleaned and reorganized my ENTIRE room. If you've ever seen my room you know how impressive this is - I have a lot of stuff. So now I can actually see my floor - it turns out I have floor space! What a radical concept. It took a couple days, but now I am really pleased with myself.

My lovely friends found me a slashed canvas in a dumpster, and obviously this was the best use for it:


(I might end up fixing it up a bit at some point, but right now I'm too lazy.)

I'm working on a couple hat patterns. I have a crochet one written down in my notebook but I'm not really sure what the best way to write it out is - I think I need to chart it, but I can't find crochet chart software, and I think it might be a little illegible if I wrote it out by hand. But it's an awesome hat, so I'll have to do it eventually.

Finally, here's a couple tags I put up about a year ago. Sorry for the crappy pictures, they're from my phone.

Swing tag Tree spots

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