Why dreadlocks and physics are incompatible


I'm not saying that my dreads don't obey physics (that would be pretty sweet...or possibly horribly painful...hm.) just that I'm trying to study for my physics final, and here is why right at this instant dreads are pretty much the worst idea:
  1. My head was itchy, so this morning I washed it.
  2. But when I wash my dreads they stay wet for about 12 hours or more.
  4. ...which is making my head a bit itchy.
  5. So I scritch scritch my head, but then:
  6. I find a lump or loose hair or something else wrong with a dread!
  7. So I pull at the lump until it turns into sticking out hair.
  8. Then I spend 5 minutes threading the loose hair back in (so it doesn't leave a lump).
  9. Then I spend half an hour obsessively going over my head trying to find MORE things wrong with my dreads that NEED to be fixed.
  10. Then I tell myself to STOP THAT and tie my hair back.
  11. Then I remember my hair's still wet, and won't dry unless I let it loose again.
  12. So I let it loose again.
  13. BUT! As I'm letting it loose I find a lump or loose hair or something else wrong.
  14. Then I repeat steps 7 - 13 until I realize it's been three hours since I looked at physics.
  15. Then I start swearing at myself.
  16. Then I go find someone to hug.
  17. Then I look at physics for five minutes until I get distracted and write this blog post.
  18. Then I'm totally productive until 4am when I pass out from being up for 24 hours. RIGHT!??! RIGHT?!?! THAT'S CLEARLY WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN.
Ah fuck.

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