Dangle Bombing

As you may (or may not) remember from this post, I found a bunch of styrofoam balls covered in plant-y things in the Michaels dumpster. A friend and I put them to excellent use, stringing them on yarn and dangling them from a trellis on campus - we call it "Dangle Bombing"! It's like yarn bombing in that it's not permanent or damaging to property, and is awesome and exciting! Plus things hanging from strings are so much fun.

Anyway, enough talk, picture time:

Dangle Bombing Dangle Bombing Dangle Bombing Dangle Bombing
Photocredit to Gaelan, who didn't want to put them on flickr himself, so I did.

It was difficult to get pictures because the balls blended into the background so well....which was part of the point. We climbed up on the trellis and crawled around to put everything up, and the construction workers who were on lunch break nearby were really confused about what we were doing. They didn't really seem to get it even after we explained, but ohhhhh wellll.

I really like making art out of things that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Coming soon:
I'm going to make a introductory guide to dumpster diving, since people seem interested! I'm not a freegan, so it really will only be an introduction, but I'll have pictures and such.


  1. AHH! This is a great idea. and Michael's dumpster? WHO KNEW!

    Jessica (Uniqueeuphoria on swapbot)

  2. Wolfeagle says: I love these dangle balls, and yes, please write about dumpster diving. I'm looking forward to it. Off to gather all my dark clothes and gloves...hehe

  3. Dumpster diving eh? Inever would have thought of this but it's so creative!

    strandedhero @ swapbot

  4. Hi!:)

    Likewise, it's darn imaginative of you to come up with something so creative from a dumpster! And, it's a step towards recycling. Haha, your efforts put me to shame, girl! Nonetheless, i look forward to your guide on dumpster diving! :)

    thewhimsicalworld @ swapbot
    (im a blogger, follow me!)

  5. thats so funny! I worked at Michaels and I have no idea but those huge balls are for lol

    -Zefaniya(swapbot-blog me baby swap)

  6. Such a pretty and easy way to brighten up an area! And what the hell is Michaels doing throwing something so useful into the trash? Shame on them for not crafting with them!

    Dani aka Doodlebabe
    Blog Me Baby swap

  7. i love the first picture!

    SB- blog me , baby swap.