Exciting Things

Dried Flowers and Decorative Balls

Look what I found at the Michael's dumpster this time! A gazillion dried flowers and random styrofoam balls with nature-y things on them. The dried flowers are gradually being passed out to people who can use them (I can't, they're scented and I'm allergic...I stole several peacock feathers out of them though!), and we have made MOST EXCELLENT use of the styrofoam balls, which I will talk about when I get pictures of it. But for now it's a SURPRISE!

I went back with my sister, and we found her a really awesome portfolio case! In perfect condition except for where the plastic got cracked a little, but that is easily fixed with duct tape! It's enough to make me go to Michael's and "accidentally" break things I want.

And now, for a bunch of ATCs!

Miss Browne Goes Shopping ATC Voice over IP ATC [Available for Trade] First Snow ATC Innocent Fun & Rather Exciting ATCs

Also, the following ATC, which is what I did with the background from my last post. I am...reasonably pleased with it.

No Aggression ATC

In less exciting news, I sweated so much at a rave that my phone broke. :( It stealthily deletes texts now, and the camera WORKS, but exits before I can take any pictures.


  1. Holy crap, I can't believe you found all that in a dumpster! I seriously have to start dumpster diving.

  2. Yeah, it's so ridiculous what they throw out!

  3. Do you go dumpster diving by yourself? I really want to try at my local michael's. Do you actually go inside the dumpster? or have a ladder? How does is work?

  4. You actually go inside! I'm thinking about making a guide to dumpster diving and posting in on here, what do you think?

  5. I've found all sorts of things while dumpster diving before!

    People just have no idea what they have half the time!

    ~ANKH (pumpkinniki on SB)

    PS: Your ATC's tell me I suck! LOL Great job! ;)

  6. What the...I can't believe all your loot! Wow wow wow. You hear about dumpster diving, but it never even occurred to me to dd for craft supplies! Hmmmmmmmmm.

    (thehappyhoneybee on SB)