Pencil Crayons

Purple Mountain Range ATC Walk to the Beach ATC

I've had a lovely set of artist-quality pencil crayons for a while now, given to me by a lovely friend who was not using them. I've never really tried drawing with pencil crayons before, it's pretty different from pencils, but I just love bright colours so having with with these. I feel like my ATCs have gotten a lot more sophisticated in the last few months - a lot of that is due to getting reasonable art supplies but it's probably also because of actually spending time on them, and getting used to making art. I haven't taken any visual art classes since grade 8 (when I was 12) so there's a lot of really basic stuff I don't know much about yet. Like colour wheel things! My sister explained it to me over the weekend, and it is already being helpful.

The above ATCs are traded in a swap I made on swap-bot, but I have some still available as well! Here are two:

Fire Flowers ATC In Space ATC

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