I had my very first lucid dream experience today! It was very enjoyable, but I definitely need some practice. I got a stampede of elephants on my first try though! Which has to count for something.

In less ethereal news, I've been sewing a lot! I'm getting noticeably faster at it too, which is pretty great. I don't have pictures of the most recent things I've made, but I made a fairy skirt and a pocket belt which both turned out very well indeed.

Fairy skirt Fairy skirt

Action shot and flat shot. It's made from many irregular triangles that I hemmed without folding over the edges (is there a name for that?) then sewed together at the top. I added some lacing so I can tighten it if I want, made with braided yarn with a bead and wire wrap at the end. I really like these sorts of details! I'm not great at making jewelry (plus there's a LOT of competition in that field) but I like beads and wire, and adding little details like this are super fun. Plus, eyelets are great, though I never seem to be at the eyelet stage of anything before 10pm - luckily my roommates are almost always awake then, and the people who live above me make enough noise on a regular basis that I have no mercy for them. Anyway, detail shot:

Fairy skirt (detail)

The other thing I'm super proud of (and have already started using daily) is my pocket belt:

Pocket belt!

(Sorry for the shadow-y picture.) It's got three pockets; a big one and two smaller ones. It's so very very useful, it's like a purse except you don't have to carry it (and it's a lot harder to loose). Since I wear skirts pretty much constantly, it also solves the problem of never having any pockets. Plus I can fit my knitting or a book in the big pocket. The only problem I've discovered so far is that it does make it slightly trickier (but not impossible) to hoop while wearing it.

Many pictures because I like it so much:

Pocket belt (and fairy skirt) Pocket belt! Pocket belt (and fairy skirt)

Finally, I want to take a moment to be pleased with myself at how well these pictures turned out:

Silk Stripes Scarf Silk Stripes Scarf

I took these without a light box or fancy camera or ANYTHING, just on my table with some natural light. Plus, I only used photo editing software to crop them, so woo-hoo! (Incidentally, this scarf is up on etsy. Ahem.)

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