Happy Yarn Bombing Day!

.....yesterday. I'm a bit late - but! I have exciting yarn-bombing related news! I've been published in a book of yarn-bombing photos. The book isn't released yet, but I have an advance copy, and it's a great little book with pictures of yarn bombing from all over the world. Plus it has a squishy cover! If you want a collection of inspiring yarn bombing photos it's an awesome choice. This is what it looks like:

In celebration of yarn bombing day, I went out with some friends and two bags full of yarn bombing bits. We didn't get through everything (we had to get to a play in the evening), but we put up quite a lot. Observe:

Pole frill Tree colours Tiny post Blue cable Lace stripes Train knob Train smile Light pole Flower and stripes Fuzzy pipe Macramé stripe Green swirl Door yarn Orange net Long railing Fuzzy bench "Hi" Underside Blue wrap Blue tree Little tree Rainbow Grey tree Yellow twist 1 Train poles

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