Ok, so now I'm a little pissed off

I was wandering through etsy, when I happened across this listing:

Nice kandi, right? Except it's stolen directly from kandi I sold nearly a year ago!

I checked their sales, and the first one they sold was waaay after I sold mine.

So I'm not sure what to do; on one hand, PLUR, and share happy things, and it's kandi, I shouldn't be a jerk about it, but on the other hand, I did design this and they are profiting off my design. What's worst is that they copied it almost EXACTLY, I have once extra layer of coloured beads on mine at the top and bottom, that's the only difference. The music notes are the same, and so is the spacing. They changed the colours slightly, but I sold a black and pink cuff so really they've only combined the two to get the colours.

The other thing is that I've moved away from making kandi, I spend much more time knitting and making ATCs now....so is it worth making them take down their design, since I'm not currently selling it? Tricksy questions. They've been selling a lot of this cuff, and for more than I sold mine. (Mine was $7 and theirs is $9.) So maybe I should start selling these again? For profit? I do need money...

There's a whole lot of kandi stores on etsy now. When I started my store, there was kandi being sold in other stores, but no other ones where kandi was the main thing being sold. There's now like 6 stores selling just kandi.

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