I finally spun a semi-useful amount of yarn! Here it is:


Fibres from Yarn Indulgences, it's "Organic Fibre," whatever that means. Hand dyed with food colouring. Slightly varicoloured with different shades of green. (There are occasional white bits, but I didn't want to dye it a third time, and they're not that noticeable.) Approx 106m, DK weight (it's a bit slubby, and varies between fine and worsted). Single ply. I might ply it at some point if I make something that would ply well with it, but no definitely plans atm.

Fuck, I just love yarn!

Unrelated to Crafts, mostly:

So I have an essay due tomorrow, but couldn't focus on it AT ALL, so I took some ritalin because it seemed like it might help (I'd never tried it before). It hasn't helped me work on my essay, but I've got lots of other things done. I've killed over 30 flies, watched their bodies get taken away by ants, updated my website (which now links here ftw!), and haven't gotten any crafts done at all because of pretending to do my essay. Which has not progressed at all. And now I keep getting dizzy every time I stand up - possibly because of food but maybe not? Anyhow, it's an interesting experience but possibly not the best decision I could have made.

Back to Crafts

I've decided I need to label my yarn bombs. I was at the Knit in Public Day (attempted to set record for most people knitting in public - but failed) and someone behind me was talking about the yarn bombing in uptown. I was all excited (that's me!) but then they said the Stitch 'n' Bitch group was doing it. I told them it was me but they didn't seem terribly inclined to believe me, which ticked me off a little. It's one thing to be anonymous, and another thing entirely to have someone else assigned the credit. So BAH, I want to label my tags!

One of the groups in the yarn bombing book has woven labels like in clothes - this really seems like the most appealing option. Paper is too flimsy unless laminated, and laminated just seems like too much work, or annoying, or something. Plus, textile art really ought to have textile tags, it just seems right. Edit: I've found a local-ish site which will do 100 for $10! Success, plus cheap shipping! They're printed and not woven, but hey!

If I EVER get around to making clothes, I think I'd like to get labels for those as well, be all professional and whatnot. Having a logo (logogogogogo) seems like a good plan too, so I'll talk to my sister about that...she is a fancy artist type.

Time for me to go fuck around on the internet some more.

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