Remember to not stab yourself

I've been embroidering a bit recently.  I'm not terribly wonderful at it (yet) but I feel like I'm making a bit of progress.

Embroidery floss and WIPs

I have learned a couple things about embroidering over acrylic paint or paper:
  1. Always use a thimble, goddamnit!  A painted canvas is stronger than the top couple layers of your skin.  Needles are pretty pointy at both ends.  Using a sharper needle is also a good idea.
  2. Also: puncture the canvas/paper from the front (even if your needle's in the back).  This one is less painful if you forget, but it does make things look nicer.
Pretty pictures are nice, so here are some other things I've embroidered:

On an unrelated note...
"On an unrelated note..."

All wrapped up
"All wrapped up"

You may have already won
"You may have already won"

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