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A friend told me to join LibraryThing. It was a poor decision on my part to do this last night - I have two midterms tomorrow. My profile is here if you want to look at my books. I added all the books I have here, plus some of the ones that are back at my parents' house, which wasn't reallly allll that many? But then I went on the forums and ended up placing 27 holds at the library, about 15 of which I picked up today. It was neat, I went in and 3/4 of the books on one self in the holds section had my name on them. I felt special. But now I have some Serious Reading to do. (Squee!)

In knitting-related news, I've written a new pattern!
Dryad Armwarmers - Spring

They are leafy armwarmers (I call them Dryad Armwarmers because I'm awesome like that). The pattern page on ravelry is here, but the pattern won't be live until my testers have finished. If you just can't wait till then, I made two pairs, in green and red-y colours, which are available on etsy.

Dryad Armwarmers - Autumn

Also on etsy is some handspun (click the picture):

Numinous - Handspun Acrylic

It's respun acrylic, about 124 yards (113m).

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