Shall We Knit is here!!

It's very very exciting! Shall We Knit?, a yarn store that lived in New Hamburg, has moved to Waterloo! Not only that, but they moved to a location that takes me all of five minutes to walk to. I am ridiculously excited....they have a whole ROOM just for sock yarn! If you are in Waterloo and spend any time knitting at all, I really really recommend you check them out, they have some marvelously delicious things. (Including a wonderful selection of Koigu.)

And because blog posts are no fun without pictures, here's what I got when I visited (adhering to my only-buy-one-thing decision):


It's Koigu (of course), my plan is to make fingerless gloves that I'll actually wear.

In other news, I spun this yarn:

Acidity handspun

It is very lumpy and uneven, but that is was I was going for (I didn't prep the fibre at all). I am calling it "acidity" for no particular reason. There's only about 94m here, but I have a bunch of this fibre, so I'll probably spin most of it up like this, and make another hood:

Gaping hood

In exciting news, I may be doing a yarn bombing workshop at love.MADE, pending figuring some stuff out. More details will follow as they become available! If it works out I may try to get more involved with them, because they are literally just down the street from my house.

Finally, I've started to give knitting and crochet lessons! $15/hr for individual lessons or $8/hr/person for group lessons. Materials available for a fee or you can bring them yourself. Flexible times and locations. Comment if you're interested, but I don't have a car, so Waterloo-Kitchener area is really the only area I can work with.

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