Flashin' My Stash

So, as you may know if you're a local yarnie, Herrschners (a local yarn and scrapbooking store) was having a closing sale last week. I got some very nice yarn:

New Yarrrn

for a rather decent price. The red skeins on top are cashmere. But then when I got home, I couldn't fit them onto my yarn shelves, so obviously the only solution was to reorganize ALLLLLLLL my yarn. So I put in on my bed:


...which was a lovely experience. Then I organized everything by fiber type and quality:

Cheaper wool:
Stash - cheaper wool

A very small part of my crappy acrylic:
Stash - crappy acrylic

Some nicer acrylic:
Stash - nice acrylic

Handspun, handdyed and dying yarn:
Stash - handspun and dying yarn

Non-wool fibers:
Stash - non-wool yarn

My fancy nice wool:
Stash - classy wool

It's nice to have yarn yarn yarn yarn. I went wading:

Stash Wading

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