Two things I particularly enjoy are knitting and naked ladies. I like to combine these by taking semi-scandalous pictures of myself. I have a whole bunch of knitted tops that I made a while ago and never took pictures of.
Until now!

Futar top
This is one of my favourite tops, I love the pattern and the yarn! It's acrylic, but quite soft, and has great long colour changes.

Broken vest
This one I am less enthusiastic about. It's by the same designer and uses the same yarn, but less my style. Plus my nipples pop through occasionally.

Grey top
This top got a little messed up. The yarn SAID it was all the same dyelot, but that was clearly a lie. I messed up the gauge, so I felted it, and now it's too small. I'll fix it eventually. Or...something.

Knitted camisole
I really like the feel of the yarn, though I'm not quite sure about the colourway. I am quite pleased with how it turned out, though I usually need to wear something under it. Pattern link.

First sweater
My very first sweater! A great pattern; I'd like to make it again sometime, maybe with a yarn with some silk in it. The yarn I used was 100% wool.

Oversized top
I accidentally used super-bulky yarn instead of bulky. I like this yarn! I got it super cheap, and it is very soft. I didn't check my gauge - out of a sense of rebelliousness, perhaps? So it turned out way too large, but I just pretend it's intentional. Plus I modified the pattern slightly, to make it longer and more like a tunic dress.

Lacy top
Lacy shirt from French Girl Knits (which is a great book). You're supposed to lace a ribbon around the neckline, but I haven't done that yet. I messed this up somehow, so it's tighter around the back than the front...I guess I divided for armholes at the wrong place. Oh well, it's not thaaaat obvious?
It was my first time using linen (well, 60/40 linen/merino), I quite enjoyed it.
Also, look how much my dread pigtails stick out! They have been growing.

More recently, I finished my scarf (a while ago, but I only just took pictures of the whole thing):
Lace scarf
Positively scandalous? I still love this scarf very much, though I think I need something warmer for winter now. It's been snowing so much today, and a lacy scarf isn't the best decision when it's cold and/or windy.

Also impractical for the weather is my half hat:
Silk half hat
Handspun sari ends. I doubled the yarn because it was thin in places, but then I didn't have enough for a full hat. But that's ok, it's great for keeping dreads out of my face, plus I love the texture.

Finally, I finally got pictures of this hat:
Ribbed eyelet dread tam
Brighter version of my dread hat.

I wrote out the pattern for this! I'm looking for pattern testers to knit this; comment on this thread on ravelry if you're interested. Full details in the thread, but basically I'll email you the pattern and you give me feedback.

I'm being haunted by knitpicks ads. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm wandering through the internet at random, on my merry way, and sites I have never visited before are advertising knitpicks interchangeable circulars. It's a little unsettling. THE MAN has established a profile for me somehow. Privacy concerns, yo.


  1. You have made so many shirts!! It ha been a busy knittingbot!
    The sweater is my favourite. So pretty. I like the grey square one too.

    Also, dread pigtails are super cute. They're like punktails.

  2. Most of them I made quite a while ago, actually, but thanks anyway!

    punktails = <3