A Smattering of ATCs

I made some ATCs, yo. Finally getting around to using some unmounted rubber stamps I bought! I've wanted people ones for ages, but I never like the ones available locally.

The Offering 1-2 ATCs Going Mad ATC

I quite like this one, I used some random mesh bow thingey I got as an extra in a swap.

Charmed ATC

I've also decided to be efficient with acrylic paint ATCs, I'm now painting three at a time, before cutting the paper apart. It's much faster, particularly for the "fire" ones, which for some reason have been frequently requested. I dunno, I don't actually like them all that much, but I've made like six so far, and someone's already asked for another one.

Boil Away 1-3 ATCs
Fires ATCs

As I type this, I am in the middle of dying yarn! I'm in a very teal mood today, so (hopefully) most of it is going to be teal-y. One skein of storebought yarn, and three of stuff I've spun, which I'm planning on plying! I've never made three-ply before, so it's very exciting!

This is mostly unrelated to crafts, but I really must recommend this site, it has the most WONDERFUL clothes! I am so inspired to start sewing again!

I am making a cake as well. just from cake mix, but it's RAINBOW cake mix! This will hopefully convince my roommate not to be mad at me for getting vinegar solution and dye all over the kitchen.

I will leave you with this picture of Kevin putting up a crocheted tag:

Crochet tag


  1. I like your ATC's, especially the night time ones! The other ATC with the "random mesh bow thingy" is awesome, whoever got it is lucky!

  2. The 3 ATCs at a time idea is fab. I love the chunky one, too, texture always gets me! Tell me more about the crocheted tag, because I saw a bunch in my neighborhood recently.

  3. ATC idea is a great one. I am going to trying it on my next round. Looking forward to reading your blog on a regular basis.

    peace & love,
    Ariel17/Swap-Bot/Blog Me, Baby