CakeFAIL and Tasty Yarn

Oh man. This is the worst cake I have ever made. Possibly I just forgot to oil the pan, but I used a fancy bunt cake pan thing (because it was clean) so I couldn't get it out without destroying it. Witness this fact:

My cake is a lie
My cake is a terrible, godless lie.

The yarn turned out pretty well though! The storebought stuff (on the left) is a really nice intense green-y blue, heat-set in the microwave. More of a uniform colour than I'd anticipated, but I love the colour, and there's enough variegation to keep me interested. Obviously I should stick to crafts and never cook again.

Salt Moss Dry Foam

Two of the handspun skeins (on the right) didn't get as much dye. I can't decide if I want to do another immersion dye intensify the colour...I really like the colour right now, and I like how it blends, but I also love intense colours! The third skein turned out intensely yellow (below), and I was going to ply it with two dark-ish blue.green skeins, but with the two blue.green skeins dyed as they are, the yellow would just overpower them and it would not look the best. But I really like how the blue.green skeins turned out, the colour is slightly more blended on one, and slightly patchier on the other, so hopefully they would look neat if I plied them? I'm leaning towards this option, I can always spin more yarn to ply with the bright yellow single if need be.


I finally finished a kandi order for etsy...I haven't really posted m/any pictures of kandi on here, but yes I make kandi! The packs of ten singles are what sell best in my store, actually. I don't trade it as much as I used to, partly because I don't go to quite as many raves, but mostly because I have other crafts (and trades!) to focus on, so I don't have a gazillion bracelets ready for trade at all times.

12 kandi singles
There are 12 bracelets here because I was late shipping...eep!

I am quite angry at my roommate, who told me she was moving out August 3rd, but now is not moving out for another "week and a bit." I'm moving into her room, but (obviously) I can't do that till she's gone, and I can't go on holiday until I've moved (because people need to move into my room while I'm gone).


Vacation will be difficult, because I will not be able to check my mail. Plus I probably can't organise lots more swaps! I do need to work on doing less swaps, though, since I'm doing more classes in the fall. Sigh. I'd rather swap than learn. Though! A friend is going to give me acrylic painting lessons! Which is exciting, I've never had painting lessons before!

This has turned into a very chatty post, but it's around 4am, so I guess it's just that time of night. Also, sorry for the particularly terrible pictures! My (other) roommate is asleep in my room, which is where my good light is.

Here's a knitted lace swatch made from a tiny bit of re-spun yarn! The pattern's not that clear because the yarn ended up a little overspun and bumpy. But I like it! Trying to decide if I want to (a) keep it (b) art with it (c) yarnbomb with it.



  1. Ha ha, your cake story cracks me up. This is a cute blog all about bad cakes: http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/

  2. ahahahhaha, all of those cakes are less wrecked than mine :P thanks for the link!