So. Awake.

I've been trying to form good habits.  (I have a lot of bad habits (including using too many parentheses), so there's a lot of better ones I've been trying to get into.)  I have a great deal of trouble getting to sleep at anything except an ungodly hour (falling asleep between 6am and 6pm goes swimmingly - nothing else does).  I now have an alarm that tells me to get off the computer at midnight ( the "sleep" alarm plays this - the "make dinner" alarm plays "bananaphone").

So far, it's only sort of worked.  I do get off the computer at midnight (yay!) but then I stay awake finishing apocalypse stories, which leave me paranoid and unable to sleep.  (They generally feature lots of murderings and/or zomies/alt-zombies.  (Alt-zombies are exactly like regular zombies, except they aren't actually called zombies.))  Last night I knit half a sweater, only to find out today that I'd fucked up the first arm, and had to frog almost the entire thing.  I guess it's nice that I get to knit with the yarn more (it's nice yarn), but still.  Ag.  Tonight I'm writing this blog post, I guess.  Maybe I'll watch Harry Potter, THAT won't have any murderings!  Oh wait.

The really worrying thing is that I've only read three of the books I got out of the library yesterday; I still have ...er...a lot... to go, and most of them are science fiction.  Which is, statistically, the most apocalyptic genre. [citation needed]

I could read some Prachett or Heyer, but I've been reading a LOT of both recently (it's summer) so neither really appeals.  I wish my teenage girl science fiction had arrived from the internet by now.  Maybe if I order more books it will arrive faster!  That's clearly the best plan.


  1. Hi! So um... it's pretty cruel of you to talk about all of this tantalizing reading and not to include any titles. :)
    Also, I think we have a creepy amount in common. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and you have pretty much spectacular taste in yarn and books.

  2. Derp, of course! The first one I read was "The Postmortal," by Drew Magary, which is about what happens when someone discovers the cure for aging. The second one was "Monument 14," by Emmy Laybourne, which is about a bunch of kids who hide from a local apocalypse in a superstore - I liked this one better, even though it ended kind of abruptly. My teenage girl science fiction is the Uglies series: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uglies - I really like it, but it *is* teenage girl science fiction, so be warned. If you like teenage girl SF, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divergent_%28novel%29 is kind of similar, but only the first two books are out now.

    And thank you! Do you have any book/yarn recommendations? (My LYS just got madelinetosh, sooooo exciting!)

  3. Just requested "The Postmortal" and "Monument 14" from the library. I've read most of the Uglies series awhile back, loved the first one but was getting a bit over it by the third book or so. Have you ever read Stephanie Meyer's "The Host"? I know she gets a lot of flack for the whole Twilight phenomenon but it is just a really great story that asks some interesting questions. Also, they're more fantasy but I'd really recommend The Books of Bayern series by Shannon Hale. They're the last thing I read that I just devoured.
    As for yarn right now I'm working on a shawl in Kauni which I can't really recommend for the yarn quality. It's really splitty and scratchy, but the colors are just so lovely.

  4. Ha, it's funny you mention Shannon Hale, I actually JUST finished a book by her - "Princess Academy." It was much less silly than it sounds! I have read her Goose Girl book (that's the first Bayern book, right), but was kind of underwhelmed by it....it's one of those books that I read twice because I forgot I'd read it. I'll check out the other ones though. I am hesitant about "The Host" - aside from all the other terrible things about Twilight, her grammar was really appallingly bad. It upset me. I'll put it on my maybe list :P
    Yeah, I made a skirt in Kauni which looks awesome but was horrible on my hands - so upsetting! I don't understand why some yarn companies *cough*noro*cough* make such gorgeous colours but use such awful scratchy yarn. I have heard a soak in conditioner (or lanolin) can help scratchy yarn, but I haven't tried it, and I think it's more for knitted things than yarn? Could be wrong though.