Nifty hats

I made a hat!

Now, I make a lot of hats, so this isn't really a huge thing, but this is a pretty neat hat so I want to talk about it.

Pooled kitty hat

This was made from some yarn I dyed a while ago.  Using intentional pooling, I made the colours line up (because I'm awesome like that) and then I gave it pseudo-ears because they are adorable.  I'd write up a pattern for this, but since it really depends on the way the yarn was dyed to work, and since I dyed it myself, it probably wouldn't be all that useful.

But yeah!  Hat!  I guess i didn't actually want to say all that much about it, but I really like it, and so now I am posting about it hooray.  Here it is flat:

Berry twist kitty hat (side B) Berry twist kitty hat (side A)

I also made a similar hat, using the same yarn but a different number of stitches:
Striped kitty hat

It's interesting how just changing the number of stitches has such a big effect.  Neat!

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