One of my classes this term is an intro to studio arts, which translates as learning to paint. I haven't been super satisfied with anything I've done for class because we've been doing representational projects, and I really prefer more abstract things. But luckily I have a bunch of tiny canvases sitting around, so I painted those as well.

Wakeful. This one is my favourite out of this set. 3" x 5".

Topside. I used a picture from a calendar and a broken pin. 3" x 5".

Self Indulgence<
Self-Indulgence. This is available on etsy here. 4" x 6".

I tend to mix too much paint (which is annoying, because it means I run out of paint way faster than I should), so I've been painting boxes with the extra. For some reason, I have a gazillion little boxes scattered around my room. I really need to get rid of things I don't use. But here are boxes:

Star Box Painted box Painted tin Little green pill box

A couple of them are available on my etsy in the boxes section.

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