I finished my first art journal! Very exciting. I know I've posted some of these pictures here before, but I'm going to post them again so I can have everything in one post.

Art journal
The view from above.

Art journal cover
The cover, which I liked so didn't change. The ball is just wire that I twisted together until it was stable.

SkyWeasels 4x6 [Available for Trade]
Skyweasels. This got glued in, and the facing page vaguely matches.

Page from art journal
Sprouting. I am very fond of mushrooms. Sticker from a swap, and buttons I spray painted.

Art journal page - maybe not
Maybe not. I thought the fairy looked a bit hesitant.

Art journal page - take control
Take control. Based around a birth control card.

Art journal page - fear
Fear. Prescription receipt and warning label, eye from a swap.

Art journal page - secret robot
Secret robot. Image from a swap, the pink-y yarn I handspun then knitted.

Art journal page - greenery
Greenery. Lots of green things?

Art journal page - constitutional
Constitutional. The drawing isn't mine, I got it in a swap. See if you can read the writing on the left page!

Art journal page - meetings

Art journal page - pearled
Pearled. The rectangles are edges from a swirly painting, I spray painted over them and added pearly beads.

Art journal page - loofah
Loofah. Torn paper, feathers, beads, crane, a bit of a painting from a swap. This page reminds me of boas, but I like the word loofah better than boa.

Art journal page - lady parts
Lady parts. Cartoons from a swap, other images from a Nuva Ring pamphlet (Nuva rings are great btw).

Art journal page - into the night
Into the night. I think this one is my favourite. Woman image from a calendar, background was markered. The skirt is scrunched up handmade paper, with fabric over top. The fabric is from a wedding dress, I dyed it using ink pads. It was rather messy.

Art journal page - reflect back
Reflect back. Shiny things! I like cyborg-y things. The blue star plastic thing moves when you tilt it back and forth.

Art journal page - timing
Timing. I like both sides of this page, but I'm not sure how well they work together.

Art journal page - fortunate
Fortunate. Fortune cookies are sooooo delicious. I got a bunch from the bulk store and it seemed a waste to not use the fortunes for something. I like that they're bilingual.

Art journal page - careful consideration
Careful consideration. Just marker. Melting rainbows are not something you can make a snap decision about.

That's the end! I'm pleased with myself, this journal was really fun to make, though for the next one I'm definitely going to use a book without lines. Didn't really think that one through. I'm not really sure what to do with it now - I definitely want to keep it around, but it's not going to fit on a bookshelf, and I have a limited amount of flat surfaces. Maybe I could hang it from somewhere....


  1. I love it! It has been a long while since I've seen or made an art journal. Yours turned out really cool! :)

  2. THIS IS SO PRETTY. I have been doing s little bit of like this with my dairy but with lots more writing and less awesomely 3d.