More hats! And I've learned to make rings


I have a bunch of new hats finished! I haven't decided if I'm taking them to Rare Funk, the store in Kitchener where I sell hats, or listing them on Etsy.

These two are commissions for a friend, who wanted presents for her children for christmas. The first is made with Lions Brand Homespun, which looks really nice and feels super soft, but it is extremely annoying to work with.

Sea Urchin Hat

This one is made with acrylic and wool stripes.


This red one I started ages ago but ran out of yarn...so I got more yarn last weekend and made it large enough to wear comfortably.


I used some of the yarn left over from the first hat for accents on this lacy cloche.

Lacy cloche

This one is made of wool I got off ebay. The sizing turned out smaller than I expected, so it's probably best for a child or someone with a very small head.


This varicoloured beanie I made as an option for a commission as I wasn't sure about the taste of the person in question. Acrylic yarn from Value Village.


An acrylic hat made in shell patterns:


And finally a fluffy red hat I made for my mother. She chose the yarn, which is Red Heart.



I got some ring bands from Michaels a while ago, and have just started using them. I've made 4 rings so far, in blue, green, red and black, so I think of them as water, earth, fire and night. I was going to make an 'air' one but I didn't have the right colours of beads on hand.

IMGP0491 IMGP0495 IMGP0504 IMGP0509


I've also made some new polymer clay monsters! The updated Etsy listing can be found here and more pictures by clicking the picture below.


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